Final Project Bluegrass Kitchen

Please see the link for my final project. This class has been really interesting, and I feel that I have learned so much from all of you in the class. Everyone’s final looks great, and it was nice meeting you all!


*Excuse the week 8 title, I forgot to change the name. This is the final draft.




Assignment 2: Concept Papers

Bluegrass Kitchen




Bluegrass Kitchen is a small restaurant located on the East End of Charleston, West Virginia. According to their website, Bluegrass serves, “Eclectic comfort food with a modern edge made with fresh ingredients.” The restaurant uses fresh ingredients from local farms and  surrounding Appalachia, giving customers great taste and local culture. Bluegrass has a unique interior using antiques and local artwork to add an eclectic vibe.

Bluegrass is looking to expand its audience using a branding video. Around 4 minutes long, the video will be launched on Youtube, the Bluegrass website, and social media pages.



Bluegrass Kitchen has some negative ideas associated with its brand. The restaurant markets to a couple very specific audiences– government workers and young hipsters in the area. Unfortunately for most restaurant-goers in the area, Bluegrass has a “hippy” reputation. Many Charlestonians think Bluegrass is over priced and dirty from looking at the location and exterior. Bluegrass has a weak brand image, with a one page website and little advertising. Revamping their brand image and working on some exterior renovations could improve the Bluegrass reputation throughout the Charleston area.



Location is everything, and Bluegrass Kitchen uses the East End to supply a unique customer base. Charleston’s East End is a very up and coming neighborhood which is home to the state’s capitol and a variety of artists and young professionals. Bluegrass tends to have two groups of customers from this base– government workers and young “hipsters”. The government workers are a variety of ages and usually stop by the full service bar for drinks around 5 p.m., wheres the young hip professional crowd is often eating dinner or enjoying the live music later in the evening.


Content Points

For a successful video, Bluegrass needs to communicate several points:

  • Bluegrass uses fresh, WV ingredients.
  • Bluegrass has great tasting, modern, alternative comfort foods
  • Bluegrass has good food for all types
  • Bluegrass supports local artists



Bluegrass is fresh ingredients locally grown, fresh ingredients served in an eclectic and progressive environment nestled in Charleston’s historic East End.


The Clay Center



The Clay Center is not only a museum, but also a concert hall, wedding venue and IMAX theater. The center is located in downtown Charleston, and hosts big-name concerts and off Broadway shows. Since its opening in 2003, the Clay Center has been home to Charleston’s symphony orchestra, the Avampato discovery museum.

The Clay Center seeks a commercial running around 30 seconds, for local TV stations. The commercial will also be launched on Youtube, and the Clay Center website.



The Clay Center has a rich history and Creative myth, the Clay family is well known in Charleston, and have made many great contributions through out the years. With a unique story like the Clay Center’s, the organization could focus on historical contributions and family. Negatives associated with the Clay Center include: limited parking, expensive rates and boring exhibits. This reputation hurts the Clay Center in an area like Charleston where much of the customer base is families living in rural areas with low income. If the Clay Center uses some rebranding tactics, possibly even creating a mascot for children, they can help flip their negative reputation among West Virginians.



The Clay Center has two basic customer bases. The first is high income art patrons in the area. Theses customers range in age from thirties all the way to elderly persons with white collar jobs. These customers are likely to enjoy the Clay Center art museum, and concerts. The second most important customer base the center has is families with young children. Overall, West Virginia has a pretty low averaged income. These are families looking for inexpensive ways to entertain their children.


Content Points

  • The Clay Center is affordable and offers specials often
  • The Clay Center supports the arts and sciences
  • The Clay Center makes learning fun
  • The Clay Center has something for everyone



The Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences is a imaginative discovery emporium promoting learning and exploring for all ages in Charleston and the surrounding area.

Assignment Week 2

When this commercial premiered during the 2013 Superbowl, I was amazed. The beautiful photographs, Paul Harvey narration and moving content all worked together to draw the audience in– which is exactly what Dodge wanted. The plot is simple– God made a farmer. Basically, Harvey narrates and describes who the farmer really is and how important he is to society. Meanwhile beautiful photographs flash before the audience’s eyes showing American farmland and the people who utilize it.  Dodge’s strategy is genius– drawing on a large amount of their customer base (farmers and those who live in rural areas). The story plays on the idea that Americans are hard-working individuals, especially those in rural US. When God Made a Farmer allows audience members to feel like heroes– if they use the product! A brand positioning statement for Dodge Ram’s God Made a Farmer could be: Hardworking Americans drive Rams.


Ah, Budweiser puppy love–my favorite commercial of the year. I watched this commercial on repeat and often teared up in the process. The commercial focuses on the friendship of a puppy and one of the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. This is one of the best commercials without product placement I have ever encountered. The story strategically grabs watchers by the heart and plays on emotion. Budweiser is also lucky they can play up the brand recognition of the Clydesdale. Product placement is not necessary. Budweiser’s brand positioning statement could be: Budweiser unites people.

The Goldieblox toy company makes toys encouraging little girls to think outside the box and become innovators. These toys are focused on making girls the next generation of engineers.  The plot of this Superbowl ad features little girls all grabbing the stereotypical, girly, pink toys and uniting together. The girls gather the toys and use them to make a rocket ship. This strategy is quite interesting to me– Goldieblox shows the audience every kind of girl toy imaginable– except the theirs! Shedding these toys in a negative light works perfectly to make their product shine. A good brand positioning statement for Goldieblox might be: Smart girls use Goldieblox toys.